Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guest Review in San Jose, California

     Recently a fellow reviewer who usually reviews restaurants and dining establishments locked herself out of her car after a night out. Instead of panicking like a normal person would, she picked up the phone and gave me a call. I pointed her to . She was able to call them and have a technician arrive within 20 minutes. I asked her as a favor to note the way the technician arrived and how the service was.

Here’s a recap of what she had to say. In regards to time, the technician arrived on scene within 20 minutes which was great considering the fact that it was late at night and she was alone. That is ultra important because it just isn't safe to be outside after a certain time and especially if you are alone.

The second thing I asked her about was the service. She mentioned that the tech was friendly and knowledgeable. He even mentioned that he had worked on the same vehicle just earlier. It took about 5 minutes for the tech to unlock her car and relieve her of her worry.

And the last thing I told her to focus on was the price. I purposely called other locksmith companies in her area with the same issue to gauge the amount that she should expect to pay. I wrote down the 5 prices I was able to get over the phone and saved them.

As soon as she told me what she paid, I knew we had a winner. They were right around the same cost as the lowest quote I received. When you combine that with the amazing service you get an idea on why this company is highly recommended. So to recap, check these guys out for a great deal on locksmith services in the San Jose area.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My experience with Locksmiths

Have you ever had the unfortunate situation of being locked out of your own house? Well, it happened to me when I had just turned 18. My parents were on vacation and I had the house to myself. I thought about the great opportunity to have some friends over and watch some football on TV. Unfortunately, I lost my keys while shopping for the food. I remember the panic that set in. That’s when I called . The service was quick which allowed me get everything set up just in time for the game.

This situation is one that any parent hates. Even though I was already considered an adult, I had almost no money and no way of getting in contact with my parents because their contact number was inside the house. The locksmith I used referred me to one of his friends who also provides awesome locksmith service but in Miami. Here he is . Call him today if you are in the Miami area and need a dependable locksmith that won’t charge you an arm and a leg. I am very confident that you will see his service as great.

Another great locksmith just up the road from Miami is in Fort Lauderdale. This is another great company that focuses on customer service. Check them out at . I actually have a friend down in Fort Lauderdale who used them and was able to give me an honest review about them. He said they were fast and a pleasure to work with. He also mentioned that they were cheaper than the other companies around. 

All in all he said he would recommend them again. As you can see, locksmith services should offer great on-time service for reasonable rates. Good locksmith companies like the ones I mentioned are a great find and no doubt deserve our business.